Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fashion Conundrums: Take One

I'm gonna try out this new series called Fashion Conundrums. It's going to be about different fashion issues and questions that I get or see people asking a lot.

This week, all I've heard it seems, is "I found this really cute dress but its too cold to wear it!" and that is the silliest thing I've ever heard, unless it's a beach wrap or something crazy. Almost all spring (and most of the time, summer) dresses can be worn even in the chillier months as long as you can do one thing: layer.

So here are some different ideas that I came up with, either completely on my own or by seeing someone wear it.

One: Tights.

Well, tights and leggings. This is a no-brainer that you've seen from EVERYONE. If you're gonna go bare-legged in the cold, you are a brave woman. I am not so brave. I am notoriously cold, at all times, so I always layer up underneath if I'm wearing a dress out these days. And with so many tights options, like patterned, sheer, opaque, and every color ever imaginable, it will not be hard to find a pair you love. Seriously. Also, when it gets even colder? Do not be afraid to double up! Two layers of tights will feel like you're wearing a pair of warm pants.

Two: There are other neutrals!

Too many people just go straight for black in the winter, but brown and grey works too. It can make everything seem more autumnal instead of just harsh black and floral-y or flouncy dress. Actually, the black can actually make the colors of your dress pop, having the opposite effect. So try brown or grey tights and cardigans if you're going the neutral route.

Three: Breaking up the pattern

If you're going to wear a super patterned springtime dress with flowers or whatnot, along with layering the crap out of it, try breaking up the pattern with a big, comfy scarf or a thick belt. Also, try to use them in pretty autumn colors like mustard, oxblood (which is huge right now), emerald, or other saturated colors. The big statement pieces like the scarf and thick belt, in those colors or neutrals, will help decrease the spring feel of the pattern.

Four: Dresses into skirts

A lot of spring and summer dresses have a full/voluminous bottom half. One option you have, instead of a cardigan, is to layer a sweater over top of the dress so the the bottom half then acts as a skirt. Chunky (or cable) knits are ideal for this, but any heavier knit will work, granted the top of your dress isn't incredibly voluminous as well. I suggest if the dress is pretty colorful, stay with a neutral top and vice versa. Flannels work great too, if it's not dreadfully cold.

Five: Dresses into tops

On the opposite side of number four, if you have a slim or body con dress that you're dying to wear, you can totally layer a thicker skirt over the bottom half of the dress. Try something in wool or tweed, as those are your warmer options. A fuller skirt in a pretty fall color would work too!

Six: No sleeves? No problem.

As I'm sure you've seen everywhere, as well as tights, throwing a long sleeved shirt under a dress is a lot of women's go-to when it starts to get chilly. I think it's absolutely adorable to put a button up or a turtleneck under a sleeveless dress. It looks so polished and cozy (two words that are rarely used together). So again, use neutrals or fall colors to contrast the spring-like patterns. And if you have a more fall-worthy dress that's just lacking in the sleeve department, try a bright pop of any coordinating color to brighten up the gloomy days.

And a side note: boots always make something more autumn-y.

I hope that helped some of you who have been pondering trowing those pretty dresses in the back of the closet. Or those of you who are clinging for dear life, and freezing simultaneously. Feel free to use any and all of these tips. (But please, not all of them at once.)
Stay warm and layer!!
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  1. The best time of year to layer. Such a fun round up Ashley!

    1. I wait for fall and winter just for the layers! Thanks a bunch :D

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