Thursday, January 31, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

This is what I like this week.

Obsessed with this. The song is on repeat here!

This couldn't be truer.

I laughed way too hard at this.

This is accurate.

This is my favorite quote to date.

How glam is this?!

Check out this stud!
He had me ROLLING. Hilarious!

Because I Can't Stop Online Window Shopping:
Everything's studded. I have a problem.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


denim jacket: thrifted
flannel: thrifted
dress: thrifted
belt: H&M (similar)
tights: Kroger
boots: Shoemint (giveaway win!)

Coincidentally, my favorite outfit to go thrifting in, is made up of some of my favorite thrifted pieces. Go figure. Ideally, slip on booties would've worked better for thrifting but I cannot stop wearing these boots. Thank god for Shoemint and giveaways. I wouldn't trade these boots for anything. Especially because I like to mix black and brown so much. They just tie those outfits together for me. I'm also loving this belt and have been on the hunt for the perfect brown, braided belt for ever. Be prepared to see it OFTEN. Now I'm on to the perfect chambray shirt. It's really never ending.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Be mine, Valentine. (Or not.)


Long sleeve top / Mango quilted jacket / Erin Fetherston printed pants / RED Valentino black flat / Colorblock handbag

So unfortunately I'm doing absolutely nothing on Valentine's Day. I know.. bummer. Henry works all day (and into the night) and I'll be in a whole different state anyway. So, Todd and I will probably just canoodle on the couch and watch sappy movies that night. He's actually a pretty cute date. There will also be chocolates involved. (None for Todd, don't worry.)

Even with the absence of a date night, I do dream of stereotypical outfits to wear. This is kind of my "perfect Vday outfit" for going out and being romantic. I chose pants because a lot of times, our special nights out involve movies and maybe it's just me, but sitting in a freezing cold theater in a gross popcorn-covered chair, in a dress, just isn't for me. Pants win every time in that scenario! Also, I'm on the hunt for the perfect chambray shirt so I had to throw one in there and of course, a simple leather jacket and leather flats for some edge. Oh, and is the bag not so kitschy and cute? I had to.

If you remember, a while ago I wrote a recap of Erin Fetherston's Spring 2013 RTW line and I was GAGA over this lipstick print. It's actually all of her team's lip prints, made into a printed fabric just for Fetherston's line. Amazing. And if anyone wanted to buy me something in this print (the dress is cute too!), I wouldn't be mad... like.. actually the opposite of mad.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Inspiring Days

I've always been attracted to the punk look, more so when I was younger, but lately I feel drawn to those roots again. Pretty sure these photos have inspired that.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Danger, Danger

tights: charming charlie
AE flats: payless
clutch: sephora (actually came as a brush set)
lipstick: Wet n Wild 522A Dark Wine

I wore this to a hotel party for our roommate's brother's surprise 21st birthday. It was tons of fun and I met some lovely ladies. I need more of those nights in my life.

Not gonna lie, I feel dangerous in this outfit. Sexy and dangerous. And I love it.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Because I have the immune system of an infant, this is pretty short. But this is everything I loved this week.

How cute is this wallpaper?

Loving this print.

If I had this shirt, I might start running.

This painting is gorgeous.

When I get an iPhone, this cover is mine.

I Couldn't Stop Online (Window) Shopping:

More Todd cuddles than ever | Spending quality time with Nick & Henry | Icon Pop Quiz & Ruzzle (Thanks to Henry!)| B-dubs for late, late dinners | Finding a new favorite pizza place | Shopping days | Panera. | Support from readers when I'm sick beyond belief | American Idol! | American Horror Story: Asylum finale (that's also a bit sad) | Finding myself a little more every day

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Add some soup and this is my life for the past couple days. 

Apologies for being m.i.a. and hopefully, this passes soon.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

This is what I'm loving this week. You can tell I've been lusting after a lot of clothes. And a lot of them seem to be studded. Hm! ;)

This jewelry holder!

Men doing pinup? Whoever thought of this is genius. (Can't stop laughing!)

Editorials like this one have been on my mind lately.

Things like this, make me smile.

Who doesn't love Star Wars like this?!

I need quotes like this.

People Positive - This is so amazing and I'm saving it until I have children, just for them.

Because I Can't Stop Online (Window) Shopping:

Lulu's Has Been Doing Amazing Things:

And Have You Seen

Todd cuddles every night, the new season of American Idol!, American Horror Story: Asylum (possibly my favorite show ever), Shopping with friends, Homemade lasagna, Filming makeup videos, Working on a Facebook page for this blog (finally), and the amazing response I've been getting form readers. Wow!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Forest on the Green

jacket: Target (similar)
top: TJ Maxx
pants: JC Penney
moccasin boots: Call It Spring
bag: (I have no idea..)
rings: H&M

I wore this on one of the abnormally warm days we had last week. Todd and I took a walk and played outside in my mom's backyard, where I took these pictures. He doesn't know what to do with all the room to run!

I picked up these pants when I exchanged a Christmas present at JC Penney and they are the most comfortable pants I own! I think they're jeggings. The color is a super pigmented forest green, which I love. The top has the same color of green in it so they're obviously perfect for each other. I broke out the white "leather" bag (with amazing chain detail!) for this to echo the white stripes in the shirt as well. So matchy-matchy and I don't care!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mint & Red.. Casually.

Mint & Red - Casually

Ann Harvey red tank, $26 / Warehouse blazer , $64 / Vero Moda stretch pants, $39 / John Lewis bag , $63 / Gold earrings / studded sandals / Jeffery Campbell sneakers

So here I am again, with another Spring outfit. I know that this is kind of bold but hear me out. I think this outfit is great for those chillier spring days. Pants and blazers to keep you warm, but the option of sandals if its too hot for sneakers. I made sure to pair a light, flowy top with the jacket and jeans, so that the outfit didn't feel too heavy for spring weather.

I'm on a serious mint craze right now and want EVERYTHING mint, so expect to see a lot of that color (and not just from me)! I've always loved a turquoise/mint shade with a vibrant red. I think there's something so fresh about it and with my last styling of lilac and orange being so bold, I thought, why not share this long-time favorite?

I kept everything else neutral with the exception of the gold hardware, which I'm loving with mint at the moment. But because it's me, I couldn't just do "white, mint and gold" like I'm seeing everywhere. I thought the striped black & white blazer gave it some interest and of course the studded shoes (both pairs), along with the earrings, gave it that edge that I needed. Of course you could go much simpler with this and look fabulous but I really like this outfit and would wear it everyday! Now all I have to do is find money to buy it all..

Monday, January 14, 2013

House Shows & Sequins

top: gift from friend
jeans: JCPenney
denim jacket: thrifted
clutch: Target
rings: H&M
boots: Kohl's

You guys have probably noticed that I live in pants. I own 2 skirts and I've even yet to wear one of them. I do wear dresses a lot but I covet jeans like nobody's business. These are one of my most recent purchases and I'm obsessed with them! They're so edgy and add a little something to simple outfits. I know they're probably not for everyone, but I can't stop wearing them! But here's my promise: I promise I am trying to venture into wearing something other than pants. The next time I go shopping, I will buy a skirt and wear it... and like it.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Lilac & Orange

Lilac & orange

Lilac shirt / Full Tilt studded bra / Flying Tomato / Charlotte Russe wedge heels / Mango bangle bracelet / Topshop spike earrings / Topshop bracelet / Rosegold bracelet

I have Spring fever already! I'm so ready for the warmth, longer days, and so many birthdays! Including mine and also, Todd's!

This color combo has been on the forefront of my mind lately and actually I have no idea why. I don't think I've seen it anywhere. And if you know me, this outfit is actually pretty feminine for me usually, but I'm so attracted to sheer blouses and fun shorts right now! I toughened it up with the studs in the accessories and on the bralette, and that made it feel much more suitable. Since the top and shorts are so loud, I kept the rest of the pieces neutral. And the black cuff keeps it weighed down for that added edge, instead of the whole thing being so light. You could always nix that piece. I just prefer a little weight to my spring time outfits. In my mind, you'd never know we have two whole months of blistering cold coming. Blah..

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Yay! It's that time of week again. Here are some things I loved this week.

I want this pillow. STAT!

We would all look like this.

This is relevant.

How amazing is this Frankie Morello jacket?!

Dying over this - Chanel Little Black Jacket Exhibition.

Loving this "Y5L" shirt from 5Preview.

Have you read "Dear Girls Above Me"? It's hilarious.

Have you seen Wildfox's Spring 13 Clueless lookbook?! Amazing.

Because I just found :

Because I can't stop online window shopping:

Spending quality time with Todd, Feeling the love from my friends, Having a desk to work at finally, Home-cooked meals, Aquaphor for dry lips and hands, Youtube beauty gurus, Dark chocolate hot chocolate, Being able to take Todd for real walks, My tripod, & Continued support & comments from readers like you!
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