Thursday, January 24, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

Because I have the immune system of an infant, this is pretty short. But this is everything I loved this week.

How cute is this wallpaper?

Loving this print.

If I had this shirt, I might start running.

This painting is gorgeous.

When I get an iPhone, this cover is mine.

I Couldn't Stop Online (Window) Shopping:

More Todd cuddles than ever | Spending quality time with Nick & Henry | Icon Pop Quiz & Ruzzle (Thanks to Henry!)| B-dubs for late, late dinners | Finding a new favorite pizza place | Shopping days | Panera. | Support from readers when I'm sick beyond belief | American Idol! | American Horror Story: Asylum finale (that's also a bit sad) | Finding myself a little more every day


  1. That painting is amazing!!

    Following you on Bloglovin' follow back?:)


    Pirate Hart

  2. Thanks for coming to visit my blog as well :)

    I love these photos, esp the whale wall paper. lol


  3. I love that t-shirt!


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