Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Heavens to Betsey

Happy Halloween for the second time today!

I didn't actually plan on doing another post today but I decided that this was completely necessary. I came across Betsey Johnson's Spring 2013 RTW collection not too long ago and I actually forgot that I wanted to write about it until the other day. It's completely over-the-top and ludacris, especially for a RTW line, but that is so true to Betsey's nature. Not to mention it was a big bash in celebration of her 70th birthday, so you know it's gonna be big. (I refuse to believe she's 70.. I hope I'm that fabulous at 70.) The show's also not completely unrelated to today's holiday (you'll see for yourself). So I thought today was the perfect day to talk about this line, the show, and how much I love her.

The first few looks were pretty normal.

First of all, anyone that follows her and what she does, knows that she is a freakin hoot. And a wild card. And if I heard correctly, she's been on a hiatus of sorts lately (probably to make all the freakin pieces and 90 looks in this show). I was SO glad to see this show be so delightfully tacky and wonderful, which is so her style anyway, since I was convinced she was straying from that. Maybe its just me, but most of the Betseyville bags (etc) that I've seen in the past year or two, I haven't been drooling over as much. And even though more of the things in the past lines would be totally "public-appropriate" and I would probably actually wear them, it's so different than what I've known from her. Again, maybe I'm just losing it. (But take a look at the Fall 2012 and Spring 2012 lines and tell me its not totally different.)

This show though, took my breath away. It seems to be highly influenced by lingerie and kitsch. Both of which, again, are true to the brand she's created. And also maybe some J-pop/K-pop, which wasn't uncommon by any means in this year's RTW collections. But it was so much more! Bright colored everything (including the makeup). Fun printed everything. There was the 80s (a lot of 80s). The 60s. So many props. There were girls in flippers. A PIG. Each girl was a character. Each look had a story. It was just fascinating. It really was a show

And can we just talk about the makeup while we're at it? The bright neon colors on the eyes were the most garish and wonderful thing she did. The lashes. The crazy thick eyeliner. The super strong brow. And then bright lips on everyone. You know, in the beauty world, they tell you pick one or the other (and I mean, it is a runway show and people go ham) but this was nuts. In the best way. She can do anything.

By the way, did I mention Cyndi Lauper was there to perform? Yeah. Cyndi Lauper. Looking fabulous as always. How much more perfect can this show be?

There are just so many things that I love that no one could ever actually wear out, especially here in the midwest. I kind of think that adds to the charm. But these are some of the pieces that I want to actually have in my closet and own. And wear everyday.

This jacket.

Minus the glitter.


Again, maybe in her past collections I would pick more things to actually wear, but this show just took the cake. I tried to show you something from every one of the little.. should I say "mini-collections" in the collection (?), but like I said.. 90 looks! It was hard to choose. Hopefully you see as much inspiration and had just as much fun as I did! You can see all of the whopping 90 looks here.

Leave a comment and let me know which pieces are your favorites! Which would you pick to wear on the daily?

All pictures, unless otherwise linked, are from (which I also linked directly).

Tattuesday: Halloween

Here's some fun Halloween tattoos, for the holiday!

Nathan Alexander from Witch City Ink

Cannot, for the life of me, find out who did this.
If anyone knows, let me know.

Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fashion Conundrums: Take One

I'm gonna try out this new series called Fashion Conundrums. It's going to be about different fashion issues and questions that I get or see people asking a lot.

This week, all I've heard it seems, is "I found this really cute dress but its too cold to wear it!" and that is the silliest thing I've ever heard, unless it's a beach wrap or something crazy. Almost all spring (and most of the time, summer) dresses can be worn even in the chillier months as long as you can do one thing: layer.

So here are some different ideas that I came up with, either completely on my own or by seeing someone wear it.

One: Tights.

Well, tights and leggings. This is a no-brainer that you've seen from EVERYONE. If you're gonna go bare-legged in the cold, you are a brave woman. I am not so brave. I am notoriously cold, at all times, so I always layer up underneath if I'm wearing a dress out these days. And with so many tights options, like patterned, sheer, opaque, and every color ever imaginable, it will not be hard to find a pair you love. Seriously. Also, when it gets even colder? Do not be afraid to double up! Two layers of tights will feel like you're wearing a pair of warm pants.

Two: There are other neutrals!

Too many people just go straight for black in the winter, but brown and grey works too. It can make everything seem more autumnal instead of just harsh black and floral-y or flouncy dress. Actually, the black can actually make the colors of your dress pop, having the opposite effect. So try brown or grey tights and cardigans if you're going the neutral route.

Three: Breaking up the pattern

If you're going to wear a super patterned springtime dress with flowers or whatnot, along with layering the crap out of it, try breaking up the pattern with a big, comfy scarf or a thick belt. Also, try to use them in pretty autumn colors like mustard, oxblood (which is huge right now), emerald, or other saturated colors. The big statement pieces like the scarf and thick belt, in those colors or neutrals, will help decrease the spring feel of the pattern.

Four: Dresses into skirts

A lot of spring and summer dresses have a full/voluminous bottom half. One option you have, instead of a cardigan, is to layer a sweater over top of the dress so the the bottom half then acts as a skirt. Chunky (or cable) knits are ideal for this, but any heavier knit will work, granted the top of your dress isn't incredibly voluminous as well. I suggest if the dress is pretty colorful, stay with a neutral top and vice versa. Flannels work great too, if it's not dreadfully cold.

Five: Dresses into tops

On the opposite side of number four, if you have a slim or body con dress that you're dying to wear, you can totally layer a thicker skirt over the bottom half of the dress. Try something in wool or tweed, as those are your warmer options. A fuller skirt in a pretty fall color would work too!

Six: No sleeves? No problem.

As I'm sure you've seen everywhere, as well as tights, throwing a long sleeved shirt under a dress is a lot of women's go-to when it starts to get chilly. I think it's absolutely adorable to put a button up or a turtleneck under a sleeveless dress. It looks so polished and cozy (two words that are rarely used together). So again, use neutrals or fall colors to contrast the spring-like patterns. And if you have a more fall-worthy dress that's just lacking in the sleeve department, try a bright pop of any coordinating color to brighten up the gloomy days.

And a side note: boots always make something more autumn-y.

I hope that helped some of you who have been pondering trowing those pretty dresses in the back of the closet. Or those of you who are clinging for dear life, and freezing simultaneously. Feel free to use any and all of these tips. (But please, not all of them at once.)
Stay warm and layer!!
[All pictures are linked to the source]

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Stripes

I think I look pretty Halloween-y, don't you?

Headband: Forever 21 (similar here and here) (and here's a taupe option)
Just Ginger Dress: TJ Maxx (there's a solid black one here)
Tights: $4 at Kroger
Standard Black Heels: Target (for my senior prom!)

Sunday night we went to Henry's old boss's birthday get together at a bar down near the river, or what we call, on the levee. I had a salad and a delicious cherry Long Island. Afterwards we went to his aunt's Halloween party. Naturally, it was a costume party so I was going to do another costume post, but I didn't want to go out all dressed up in a costume for the birthday, so this is what I wore to compromise between the two. I think it turned out alright. Should I have just dressed up?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bad Luck Red

Henry edited this and loved it. I look like a cartoon!

Saturday was a blessing and a curse. I colored my hair! I got it cut too and it looks and feel so much healthier. I made some money at Plato's Closet. Met one of Henry's brothers. And it was game day. Unfortunately that's where the good luck ended because we lost. First game of the season that we didn't win. Boo. Boo boo boo boo.

It's because I wore red. Guess what the opposing team, Georgia bulldogs, colors are.. Next Saturday? Expect to see blue and orange Maybe for the whole weekend.

At least I looked cute, losing.

Jacket: Target (similar here)
Shirt: Derek Heart/gifted (similar here)
Skinnies: Blue Asphalt from Wet Seal
Moccasin boots: Call It Spring (similar here)

I know, I know. I'm being a negative nancy. But I've been sick off and on this weekend, so please excuse the grumpiness. Tomorrow I'll have another outfit post. Do you guys like them? I hope your weekend was filled with wins and health! xo

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

Second run of things I loved this week. Do you guys enjoy these posts?

This dress from the Calla RTW Spring 2013 collection.

This Narwhal beer. I don't even like beer, but I want this.

These shoes Henry and I found in Journeys! (Oh, Aquaman <3)

These Super Mario earrings. If I could wear earrings..

This iPhone case. Henry needs this..

I need this death star fir pit.

Bayside's new ep <3 Buy it here for only $5!

 Emerging Thoughts! I am loving sooo many things from them. Especially...
the Coco dress by 8000 Nerves
the Selina handbag in teal by Darling
the Beatrice tights in grape by Hansel From Basel
the Ombre tights by Kronkron

And also,
Sleeping. Going through runway collections. Reading Kaelah and Chelsea's blog from the very beginning to the present. Pb&js. Eddie the teddy. My bed. 600tc sheets. More Halloween parties in our future. All of Old Navy's dresses are on sale. And hopefully buying carob powder to make hot chocolate - sans chocolate.

What are you loving this week?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mourning A Loss

You know how some people will read a book and get emotionally attached, and then when its over, you have to recuperate? Well, I'm like that with books and tv. I've got it in my head that fashion design is something I really want to do so Project Runway is almost my favorite show. I love any competition reality show, but this one takes the cake. I've watched every single season since it started and, like many I'm sure, have developed an undying love for Tim Gunn. The show is just brilliant.

Now that its hitting me that this season 10's over..? I just wanna curl up and cry. Seriously. I got attached. And now its gone. Unfair! I want to watch them mess around and be creative and joke, every Thursday forever. And this was the funniest season so far! Realization that it won't be on tomorrow sucks and I wanna live in last week. (forget All Stars.. the drama will be at it's peak with that show!)

I can't say that this season was my absolute favorite, (how can you not love watching Christian Siriano grow into the mega-designer he is now?!), but it was definitely top three. My favorite designer was, hands down, Christopher Palu. He consistently made BEAUTIFUL clothes throughout the entire season and his runway show in the finale, blew. my. mind. Did you love that print!? I mean, he said it best, it was "haunting". Maybe it's just me, but I'm a sucker for an edge like that.

I could rave about Christopher all day (and I did on the night of the finale via Twitter), but I really loved at least one thing from everyone's collection. They were all so talented and unique, how could you not? So here's a run-down of the things from the finale I would very much like to be in my closet. Asap.

Fabio Costa:

Although I respect Fabio as a designer and an actual person, I just did not relate to his collection. I couldn't feel what the judges, and others who loved it felt, although it was extremely beautiful. Especially the silk pieces like this. This dress looks like it would feel like you were wearing nothing, and that sounds good to me! I would style it differently though, if I had it. No necklace, maybe some gold bangles, and some high and strappy heels. It needs to be broken up more, in my opinion. It just looks so solid with those shoes.

Dmitry Sholokhov:

And the winner is..! Yes, Dmitry is a remarkable tailor but again, I'm just not drawn to it. Even though there were a few pieces I do long for. One being that coat! (Last picture on the top row) Those fringed sleeves were magnificent and I would rock them every day. Also, yellow dress with the embellished shoulders. For some reason, along with Elena, I have a thing for shoulders. And finally, the gown, how could any woman not want to stomp down the street (or runway) in that dress. Even though it was incredibly sparkly, even in the fringe, I want it.

Melissa Fleis:

Even though I got sick of Melissa's necklines, since a lot of them repeated throughout the whole season, these were my favorite looks from her collection. The red pleather dress was undeniably a show-stopper and the jacket is so so chic! AND, no thanks to Nina Garcia for telling Melissa to cut the sleeves off. I preferred them the way they were. Overall, Melissa's collection was my second favorite and she was definitely a fore-runner in the season. A few of the things she did, before the final episode, I really really liked.

But can we just have THIS conversation?

What. the hell. That poor girl in this white dress could barely freakin walk! And to top it off, she wasn't even last! She had to effing sprint down the runway (inch by little inch) in order to keep from tripping up the model in the red dress, that was following her. I don't know what Melissa was thinking but that girl needed a slit.

Christopher Palu:

Be still my heart!
I honestly loved every single thing that Chris put down the runway, but these are just my absolute favorites. The print of his mother's x-ray is by far the creepiest and most amazing thing I've seen lately. And I like that he used different piece of it in different looks and it's not all just the same part of the print in every look. I would wear anything he made. He's that fantastic.

And did you see the blue coat?! Gah. Too pretty. The color and sheen and shape are so perfect, especially belted. But can we please talk about this gown? I know he did the tearing thing like a million times but I effing love it. And I know that it was a little long. But he worked so hard on so so many pieces and I just dont care. I'd kick the bottom of that dress all day and look fierce doing it. The ombre, the shearing, the cut, the neckline.. just bury me in this? I love his styling, his looks, each individual piece, HIM. Words cannot express how enamored  I was. (And now its gone... woe is me!)

While I sit and mourn this season, you can check out all the pieces here. Did you know that 8 designers from season 10 actually showed? At that link, you can see Gunnar Deatherage's collection, as well as the collections from Elena Slivnyak, Ven Budhu, and Sonjia Williams. They're all really spectacular, honestly. And surprising. So go look through the ton of pictures from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Project Runway show and maybe it'll ease your pain. It just made mine worse..

Do you watch the show? Who was your favorite designer of the season?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Some tattoos I came across this week that I thought were awesome.

Done by Nikko Hurtado

Buddah, narwhals and Star Wars? Yeah, I'd say it was a pretty good week for tattoos.
All tattoos were linked to their respective artists.
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