Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mourning A Loss

You know how some people will read a book and get emotionally attached, and then when its over, you have to recuperate? Well, I'm like that with books and tv. I've got it in my head that fashion design is something I really want to do so Project Runway is almost my favorite show. I love any competition reality show, but this one takes the cake. I've watched every single season since it started and, like many I'm sure, have developed an undying love for Tim Gunn. The show is just brilliant.

Now that its hitting me that this season 10's over..? I just wanna curl up and cry. Seriously. I got attached. And now its gone. Unfair! I want to watch them mess around and be creative and joke, every Thursday forever. And this was the funniest season so far! Realization that it won't be on tomorrow sucks and I wanna live in last week. (forget All Stars.. the drama will be at it's peak with that show!)

I can't say that this season was my absolute favorite, (how can you not love watching Christian Siriano grow into the mega-designer he is now?!), but it was definitely top three. My favorite designer was, hands down, Christopher Palu. He consistently made BEAUTIFUL clothes throughout the entire season and his runway show in the finale, blew. my. mind. Did you love that print!? I mean, he said it best, it was "haunting". Maybe it's just me, but I'm a sucker for an edge like that.

I could rave about Christopher all day (and I did on the night of the finale via Twitter), but I really loved at least one thing from everyone's collection. They were all so talented and unique, how could you not? So here's a run-down of the things from the finale I would very much like to be in my closet. Asap.

Fabio Costa:

Although I respect Fabio as a designer and an actual person, I just did not relate to his collection. I couldn't feel what the judges, and others who loved it felt, although it was extremely beautiful. Especially the silk pieces like this. This dress looks like it would feel like you were wearing nothing, and that sounds good to me! I would style it differently though, if I had it. No necklace, maybe some gold bangles, and some high and strappy heels. It needs to be broken up more, in my opinion. It just looks so solid with those shoes.

Dmitry Sholokhov:

And the winner is..! Yes, Dmitry is a remarkable tailor but again, I'm just not drawn to it. Even though there were a few pieces I do long for. One being that coat! (Last picture on the top row) Those fringed sleeves were magnificent and I would rock them every day. Also, yellow dress with the embellished shoulders. For some reason, along with Elena, I have a thing for shoulders. And finally, the gown, how could any woman not want to stomp down the street (or runway) in that dress. Even though it was incredibly sparkly, even in the fringe, I want it.

Melissa Fleis:

Even though I got sick of Melissa's necklines, since a lot of them repeated throughout the whole season, these were my favorite looks from her collection. The red pleather dress was undeniably a show-stopper and the jacket is so so chic! AND, no thanks to Nina Garcia for telling Melissa to cut the sleeves off. I preferred them the way they were. Overall, Melissa's collection was my second favorite and she was definitely a fore-runner in the season. A few of the things she did, before the final episode, I really really liked.

But can we just have THIS conversation?

What. the hell. That poor girl in this white dress could barely freakin walk! And to top it off, she wasn't even last! She had to effing sprint down the runway (inch by little inch) in order to keep from tripping up the model in the red dress, that was following her. I don't know what Melissa was thinking but that girl needed a slit.

Christopher Palu:

Be still my heart!
I honestly loved every single thing that Chris put down the runway, but these are just my absolute favorites. The print of his mother's x-ray is by far the creepiest and most amazing thing I've seen lately. And I like that he used different piece of it in different looks and it's not all just the same part of the print in every look. I would wear anything he made. He's that fantastic.

And did you see the blue coat?! Gah. Too pretty. The color and sheen and shape are so perfect, especially belted. But can we please talk about this gown? I know he did the tearing thing like a million times but I effing love it. And I know that it was a little long. But he worked so hard on so so many pieces and I just dont care. I'd kick the bottom of that dress all day and look fierce doing it. The ombre, the shearing, the cut, the neckline.. just bury me in this? I love his styling, his looks, each individual piece, HIM. Words cannot express how enamored  I was. (And now its gone... woe is me!)

While I sit and mourn this season, you can check out all the pieces here. Did you know that 8 designers from season 10 actually showed? At that link, you can see Gunnar Deatherage's collection, as well as the collections from Elena Slivnyak, Ven Budhu, and Sonjia Williams. They're all really spectacular, honestly. And surprising. So go look through the ton of pictures from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Project Runway show and maybe it'll ease your pain. It just made mine worse..

Do you watch the show? Who was your favorite designer of the season?


  1. I quite like melissa fleis's collection with all that leather material :)


    1. I liked Chris's leather better, myself. He treated it with bleach, which I didn't mention) and it kind of eroded it. Pretty cool.

  2. Aw,I really wanted Chris to win. I really thought he would, but he fell short on his final collection.
    I really liked how unique Fabio's collection was too!
    xo TJ

    1. They were all so amazing, I'm just glad I wasn't Heidi and the rest of the judges. I don't know how they chose with all that talent.


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