Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Heavens to Betsey

Happy Halloween for the second time today!

I didn't actually plan on doing another post today but I decided that this was completely necessary. I came across Betsey Johnson's Spring 2013 RTW collection not too long ago and I actually forgot that I wanted to write about it until the other day. It's completely over-the-top and ludacris, especially for a RTW line, but that is so true to Betsey's nature. Not to mention it was a big bash in celebration of her 70th birthday, so you know it's gonna be big. (I refuse to believe she's 70.. I hope I'm that fabulous at 70.) The show's also not completely unrelated to today's holiday (you'll see for yourself). So I thought today was the perfect day to talk about this line, the show, and how much I love her.

The first few looks were pretty normal.

First of all, anyone that follows her and what she does, knows that she is a freakin hoot. And a wild card. And if I heard correctly, she's been on a hiatus of sorts lately (probably to make all the freakin pieces and 90 looks in this show). I was SO glad to see this show be so delightfully tacky and wonderful, which is so her style anyway, since I was convinced she was straying from that. Maybe its just me, but most of the Betseyville bags (etc) that I've seen in the past year or two, I haven't been drooling over as much. And even though more of the things in the past lines would be totally "public-appropriate" and I would probably actually wear them, it's so different than what I've known from her. Again, maybe I'm just losing it. (But take a look at the Fall 2012 and Spring 2012 lines and tell me its not totally different.)

This show though, took my breath away. It seems to be highly influenced by lingerie and kitsch. Both of which, again, are true to the brand she's created. And also maybe some J-pop/K-pop, which wasn't uncommon by any means in this year's RTW collections. But it was so much more! Bright colored everything (including the makeup). Fun printed everything. There was the 80s (a lot of 80s). The 60s. So many props. There were girls in flippers. A PIG. Each girl was a character. Each look had a story. It was just fascinating. It really was a show

And can we just talk about the makeup while we're at it? The bright neon colors on the eyes were the most garish and wonderful thing she did. The lashes. The crazy thick eyeliner. The super strong brow. And then bright lips on everyone. You know, in the beauty world, they tell you pick one or the other (and I mean, it is a runway show and people go ham) but this was nuts. In the best way. She can do anything.

By the way, did I mention Cyndi Lauper was there to perform? Yeah. Cyndi Lauper. Looking fabulous as always. How much more perfect can this show be?

There are just so many things that I love that no one could ever actually wear out, especially here in the midwest. I kind of think that adds to the charm. But these are some of the pieces that I want to actually have in my closet and own. And wear everyday.

This jacket.

Minus the glitter.


Again, maybe in her past collections I would pick more things to actually wear, but this show just took the cake. I tried to show you something from every one of the little.. should I say "mini-collections" in the collection (?), but like I said.. 90 looks! It was hard to choose. Hopefully you see as much inspiration and had just as much fun as I did! You can see all of the whopping 90 looks here.

Leave a comment and let me know which pieces are your favorites! Which would you pick to wear on the daily?

All pictures, unless otherwise linked, are from (which I also linked directly).


  1. Betsey is one of the most fabulous people to have walked the early. She is such an icon!

    <3 Melissa

    1. I totally agree. She's worked in the industry for 5 decades!


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