Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Be mine, Valentine. (Or not.)


Long sleeve top / Mango quilted jacket / Erin Fetherston printed pants / RED Valentino black flat / Colorblock handbag

So unfortunately I'm doing absolutely nothing on Valentine's Day. I know.. bummer. Henry works all day (and into the night) and I'll be in a whole different state anyway. So, Todd and I will probably just canoodle on the couch and watch sappy movies that night. He's actually a pretty cute date. There will also be chocolates involved. (None for Todd, don't worry.)

Even with the absence of a date night, I do dream of stereotypical outfits to wear. This is kind of my "perfect Vday outfit" for going out and being romantic. I chose pants because a lot of times, our special nights out involve movies and maybe it's just me, but sitting in a freezing cold theater in a gross popcorn-covered chair, in a dress, just isn't for me. Pants win every time in that scenario! Also, I'm on the hunt for the perfect chambray shirt so I had to throw one in there and of course, a simple leather jacket and leather flats for some edge. Oh, and is the bag not so kitschy and cute? I had to.

If you remember, a while ago I wrote a recap of Erin Fetherston's Spring 2013 RTW line and I was GAGA over this lipstick print. It's actually all of her team's lip prints, made into a printed fabric just for Fetherston's line. Amazing. And if anyone wanted to buy me something in this print (the dress is cute too!), I wouldn't be mad... like.. actually the opposite of mad.


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