Thursday, January 31, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

This is what I like this week.

Obsessed with this. The song is on repeat here!

This couldn't be truer.

I laughed way too hard at this.

This is accurate.

This is my favorite quote to date.

How glam is this?!

Check out this stud!
He had me ROLLING. Hilarious!

Because I Can't Stop Online Window Shopping:
Everything's studded. I have a problem.

Homemade chicken and dumplings | American Idol (Be prepared to see this for a lonnng time) |  Cuddles | Warm, spring-like weather! | Shopping trips | Todd making so many new friends | Henry & I meeting my bff's new man | Drinks with friends | My first time at a real bar | Thrifting, after a long year without | Olive Garden dinners | Pitch Perfect over and over! | New art from Ikea | New coffee tables | Finding out I can eat bananas, no problem | 


  1. Hahahahahaha these pictures made me smile, especially the one about Microwave minutes. So true!

  2. What an inspiration,honey,love it!;)

  3. Hahaha! I love your pup! We put glasses on ours too and he gives us that longsuffering look. So funny :)

    FashionEdible Blog

    1. Haha those glasses were 3d! He actually flipped out but it was hilarious


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