Friday, November 9, 2012

Fashion Conundrums: Two

I've been searching around for some more fashion issues that people seem to be having and this one has kind of just been bugging me. I've been seeing a lot of girls wearing super unflattering hemlines lately or doing other things that make their legs look super short and it's just not a good look. I realize some girls might not care and that's perfectly fine, but for the ones who are doing it unintentionally, I wanted to help bring it to the forefront. So here's part two of this series: How To Make Your Legs Look Miles Long

First, nude. There is a color of clothing called "nude" but not everyone's skin is that color! The term nude is supposed to mean you're not wearing anything and how do you look like that if that shoe in "nude" doesn't match your skin color? Exactly. So to make your legs look longer, get shoes that match your skin! Cutting them off at the ankle or foot by an off shade of "nude", doesn't work. Also, if you're wearing tights with the nude shoes, try to match them as well. Go for the same tonal quality as your skin, like a light pink/peach if you have really pale skin. Another nude that will work, is a nude skirt or dress. That will bring your leg line all the way up to the waist of the skirt/dress.

If you don't want to do nude however, a dress or skirt that is in the same tonal family as your shoes will also draw the eye up and down.

That brings us to number two: Hemlines and Waistlines
The higher the waistline, the longer your legs look, and the same with hemlines. That's not to say that you want your shorts so short that your butt's hanging out or dresses so short that your um... Britney.. can be seen. All I mean is that hemlines above the knee make your legs a lot longer to the eye, than hemlines below the knee. Unless it's an empire waist. Just please don't go out looking like a hooch, for the love of long legs.

Three. Your shoes matter! I already told you how nude shoes go a long way but there's other options too. Heels, for instance. We all know that heels make you look taller, therefore make your legs look longer. Common sense, right? Well did you know that the style of heel can make a difference? Like a round-toe pump can shorten your legs, so stick to pointy-toes. Also, ankle straps cut the leg line so stay away from those. (Unless they're nude or match your tights!)

The fourth thing I came up with is all about your pants. Dark pants or dark washes instantly make your legs look thinner, and usually thinner = longer. A straight leg or skinny pant also works to lengthen your legs, as there is no fullness, like with a bell or boot cut.

Finally, make sure your tops only come to your hips. Any longer and, you guessed it, it shortens your leg line.  And I know the trend right now is horizontal stripes but personally, I try to stay away from that as much as possible. Vertical lines make you look long and lean!

Being only 5' even, myself I try to do whatever I can to look taller (and slimmer). Any one of these little hints should help you look like you have god-given, long legs. I can't promise the legs of Carrie Underwood (Is she even real?) but they're tried and true!

If you guys have any other tips or tricks for long-looking legs, leave a comment!

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  1. These are all definitely good tips, and I apply many of them myself. I have a pair of pumps that are the same color as my skin, and I pair them with just about everything. It always makes me look taller and leaner!

    1. Thanks! It took me a while to write this post but since I'm so short most of it was pretty easy, haha! I love your blog and thanks for visiting mine!

  2. great post! lots of great tips and tricks:)
    If you get a minute id love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post

  3. Great post!

    Please check out my blog and if you like it maybe we can follow each other?


  4. great post and perfect pictures to go along with it!:)
    xx Kate

  5. Great tips! x

    <3 Melissa

  6. Great tips, thank you :)


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