Saturday, November 24, 2012

Game Day: Arch Nemesis

I was talking. Ignore the face.

flannel: thrifted
orange tank: Forever 21
Gators scarf: Forever 21
Blue Asphalt jeans: gift from friend
Sonoma boots: Kohl's (similar)
Nine West bag: Elder-Beerman (similar)
evil eye bracelet: from Greece
tunnels: Spencer's

First outfit pictures with my new camera! Do you guys not love the quality of these!? I'm dying. I love my new camera! [Thanks, babe ;) ]

As you can see, I'm rockin' my team's colors again. (And check the new tunnels!) Today was the last conference game for the Florida Gators. They played Florida State... and won! Florida State is their rival team so it was a tense game but in the end, we beat them down. WOOP! (Sorry if you're a FSU fan...) The Gators are now 11-1 and the next game will be a bowl game. Stoked.

These pictures were taken outside Buffalo Wild Wings, before the game started. We go to the same one almost every Saturday so let's just say we eat a lot of wings during football season. We got a few awkward stares while taking pictures, but whatever. We wanted a different background!

I was freezing, by the way! The things I do for this blog. I wore a coat but you couldn't see my outfit with the big coat on, so ta-da! I hate that. Outfit pictures + cold weather = hard work. It was only 34 degrees today too, and I braved it for you. That's also why there's only 3 pictures, haha! But fabulous pictures, don't you agree?


  1. the clarity is great. really pretty photos. that scarf is toooo cute!

  2. you are SO SO cute!! Love the scarf and your pretty bag.

  3. fun color mixing!!


  4. ooh! this outfit is great. love the bright funky colors paired with the nude boot.


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