Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fashion Conundrums: Large Chest

This is the third part of this series that I started here on LLB. Recently I asked my friends (via facebook status) what issues they were having fashion/beauty wise and got a ton of responses. You guys are awesome!

Today's conundrum? The "inverted triangle" body type. Or "a large chest". I decided to do this particular problem first because it is so near and dear to me. I wear a 34D bra size as of right now (you should get re-sized every 3-4 months) but that is small to what I used to wear.  My chest used to be so large that it was actually causing me severe pain in my back and it doesn't help that I only stand at 5 feet tall. All that weight was crushing me! So in my senior year of high school, I had breast reduction surgery. For that reason, I decided to tackle this specific "conundrum" first.

First and most importantly, go have a bra fitting. I read somewhere that 80% of women wear the wrong bra size! I know, this is agonizing for some and I used to absolutely hate it, but your bra is the most important thing when you have a larger chest. No amount of clothes will make you look and feel your best, without a properly fitted bra. I also know that cute ones are hard to find, unless you have the means to spend $60+ per bra at Victoria's Secret. And even then, they aren't as cute as the tiny little Pink ones! I feel your pain. But I would sacrifice all the cuteness of a bra, for clothes that look great on me. The best bras I've ever bought are not the cutest but I'd re-purchase them in a heartbeat. Lane Bryant and Vanity Fair are my favorite brands, hands down but I've been scared to shop online for bras! I've heard nothing but good news about,, and, however. They're all super cute and come in a bunch of different price points (most of them are under $40 though!). I'd really like to try them! Has anyone ever used those sites?

Along with well-fitted bras, camis are your best friend. I buy the cheap ones from Forever 21 but any cami will work. They give you that extra support you need and with any lower neckline, you don't wanna look anything but classy, right?

Necklines can be your worst enemy if you don't wear the right ones and if you have a bigger bust, you know what I'm talking about. Turtlenecks? Not gonna happen. And cowl necks don't do you justice either. Boat necks? Forget about it. They all just emphasize your chest and make it look even bigger. Try to stick to a scoop neck or preferably, a v-neck. And square neck will also look amazing! Those necklines lengthen your actual neck and take attention away from the bust.

Christina Aguilera

That brings us to embellishments and anything of the sort. Ruffles and embellishments right on the bust of the shirt, do not help disguise your chest. I've seen this more times than I ever wanted to. It doesn't distract! That ruffle on your shirt brings the eye there, just showing off what you want to conceal. That doesn't mean, however, that you can't have a fun top! Prints are great, and so is sparkle! Just stay away from anything that adds volume.

That being said, all your tops should be fitted, especially button downs. And this includes jackets! I know, its a pain in the ass to have things tailored but it just has to be done. You should be buying things that fit your chest, period. Then have the sides and/or shoulders tailored down to fit your actual size. If you buy a bigger shirt and it fits your bust and then don't have it tailored? It will just make you look heavy. Sometimes you can get away with belting it, but sometimes, that doesn't work. But the worst look, is a button down that's pulling at the buttons. Please don't do that to yourself.

Kat Dennings

The only thing I like about having a larger chest, is my ability to look good with a slight shoulder pad. Now I know this may not be for everyone but I love prominent shoulders. It balances out your chest so nicely. And if you have slightly narrow hips, along with your large bust, I suggest trying out the peplum trend, which can also balance you out.

Christina Hendricks

Lastly, and probably the most common, a dark top can save you. But that's not to say you need to live in dark tops, this is just the easiest way. If you do wear a dark top, try a light bottom. That'll bring the eye down, away from your top half.

This one was pretty personal for me, guys. I hope you all like these tips. Do you have any others?
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  1. Your tips and advice are so true and so helpful! I don't have this issue, but I can appreciate your tips just as well. Thank you!

  2. I think most women just estimate what size they are and have never had a proper bra fitting, which is a shame because it can make a huge difference!

    Feathers & Freckles

  3. There are only a few available huge bra that perfectly fits a woman with a large chest. I really find hard to look for my size.


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