Friday, November 16, 2012

Necklaces Two Ways

UPDATE: (I am a lame and forgot to post where the pieces came from!)

First outfit
striped top:
jeans: gifted from a friend
Minnetonka moccasins: gifted from grandma (similar) (in love.)
bag: gifted from a friend
feather necklace: Forever 21 (similar)

Second outfit
Forever 21 shift dress: Thrifted
feather belt/necklace: Forever 21 (similar)
thick gold bangle: H&M
riding boots:

This outfit is from this past Saturday! Where has the time gone!? I can't believe in less than a week, it'll be Thanksgiving.  More on that later. Saturday was a busy day. We ran some errands during the day (after watching the Gators beat Lafayette by the skin of their teeth!) and eventually picked up Nick, our roommate I mentioned here, and his little brother, who stayed with us that night. We ended up going to the grocery store (yes, all four of us...) and then decided no one wanted to cook so we went out! Hence the second outfit. And since it was only B-Dub's, I decided to dress pretty casually.

I've been obsessed with this necklace ever since I got it over a year ago and took advantage of it Saturday, as you can see. It came with all the feathers and other bits, except for the Buddah. I added that! I 'm obsessed with the Buddah figure and the idea, itself. Henry and I even have a collection of them, in the making. The black dress in the second outfit is kind of like a shift dress, but super drapey and anyone who has a larger chest, knows that, that shape just doesn't work. So I always belt it! Remember, if you're doubting a dress or top, belt it. And it may still not be right but it helps me about 80% of the time. This necklace is super fun to wear as just that and even more fun as a belt. I love how the charms hang and that they are the main focus. Try wearing any long necklace you have as a belt. (I also really like long vintage necklaces as belts.)

I just want whoever actually reads this to know that I promise to stay on my game and update every day this next week. Henry and I literally have 3 or 4 different Thanksgivings to go to on Thursday, not to mention I might be going up to my mom's Wednesday to see my uncle and his family. They'll be visiting from Nashville! This coming week's gonna be nuts. (Especially because we're going Black Friday shopping!) I'll definitely take pictures everyday, I promise. And head's up, I might be getting a new camera Friday! Woop!

Also, I know a lot of bloggers schedule posts. If it's a series that I know will be on this blog THAT day, then I might do that but I really don't like pre-writing posts. I want to have each day happen, as it happens. And even if it's late to come, like this outfit post!, I want to be able to keep up daily. Does that even make sense Rambles.

Anyway, hope you try out some different ways to wear necklaces, and have a happy weekend!


  1. I love your necklace/belt idea... that charm is adorable.

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    Please check out my blog

  2. Cute! I really like it as a belt. I would never have thought to style it that way.

    <3 Melissa

  3. I love "making things work" and getting the most out of my purchases! ADORE your Minnes!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog

  4. Glad you decided to let your hair grow out for once, looks pretty :)

    1. Thanks person I obviously know but don't know who it is. :)

    2. You're welcome.. I would get in trouble if a certain person caught me calling you pretty lol


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