Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Cuteness of Todd

Last night Henry and I went to a wedding. We both looked damn good and had so much fun dancing. But we didn't take any pictures! I'm so mad at myself. So because I can't show you how great we looked, I thought I'd show you some Todd cuteness! :) We've only had him for a week but we've noticed he has such a little personality. (the pictures are definitely low quality but wok with me...)

He got in Henry's spot on our bed when he got up for work.

Sometimes he poses.

He sleeps in my arms like a little baby almost every day.

He got camera shy.

We took him to the groomer Friday and he looks so handsome now :) I am just in love with him, guys.

I promise to have more blog-friendly posts this week but we literally haven't done anything this weekend except the wedding and then Todd got sick last night so we've babied him all day, today. Tomorrow I'm off to cut Henry's sister's hair so maybe there will be outfit pictures! I never know what's going on when the holidays roll around.

Wishing you all happy & healthy babies, while I cuddle my sick little one.


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