Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Decorations!

Saturday, Henry and I went up to my mom's. She needed her hair colored and was putting her tree up too, which might be my favorite holiday tradition. I love all the ornaments we've amassed over the years, even the weird handmade ones my brother and I made when we were really young. Henry and I managed to scoop up some ornaments from her too!

Check out our friends under the tree! I used to call the reindeer a "moose" when I was little.. I still do, let's be honest. When we got home, being in the Christmas spirit, we put up our tree and some lights in our apartment/out on our patio. 

I know the lights look a little... tacky. But I love them! We're going to make a trip to Ikea soon and get a small table for the tree to sit on. I can't wait to get some presents under it! Definitely in the Christmas spirit here!


  1. Your Christmas tree is so beautiful! I love decorating the tree :) we just bought a tiny one for our little apt and are going to decorate tonight!

    1. Thanks :) My mom always does it big for Christmas!

  2. the christmas tree is soo cute. looking forward to decorate mine :)

  3. Looks so pretty!!! Yay for the holidays.


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