Wednesday, December 19, 2012

N*sync on Pink

dress: thrifted
belt: borrowed from another dress
tights: target
evil eye bracelet: gift from family (from Greece)
silver ring: H&M
bag: gift from friend (from Thailand) (similar)

I mean, obviously the star of this outfit is Lance Bass. The pin that is. I was always more of an N*sync kinda girl rather than a Backstreet Boys fan. Moving on, can we address my belt for a second? I swear it fit me before we took these shots. It's not in the right place in these! Imagine it right under the bust, if you will. But focusing on the positive, how amazing is my bag!? My friend, Sarah, got it for me when she visited Thailand last year and I've used it probably more than any other bag I own. That is until just recently, when I got that brown hobo bag that you've seen over and over.

Oh! And you might recognize the tights from my Black Friday haul. They're perfectly opaque, in case you were wondering. I officially love Target tights.

We shot these as we were running out the door to finish our Christmas shopping. Yes, we're done! I think a dress, tights and (my ever-returning) boots, is the best outfit for a day of shopping and running from place to place. It wasn't even cold outside, which is why I'm sans jacket. December is shaping up to be the weirdest month for weather this year. I did end up putting on a hoodie under my denim jacket when it got darker/colder, but even that is not typical for December. Strange.


  1. I could never tell the difference between Nsync and backstreet boys. I was into Linkin Park then (and now too).

  2. Love the green shade!!! And the color combination!
    So much fun :)

  3. love your bag!! its so cute :D

    1. Thanks :) I wish I could find a similar but nothing would compare. Thailand women make the best stuff.

  4. you look great! :)
    Would you like to follow each other?

  5. Cute look! Teal looks great on you!


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