Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Growin' Like a Weed

Can we just talk about hair today? Because mine is so long!! 

Last night, I took this picture. It was probably almost 3am so excuse the lack of style. We were being goofy and took the picture for our friend, Matt, who Henry plays Xbox with almost every night (which is also our nightly routine.. they play and I watch).

Silly faces for silly friends!

As some you know, or most of you probably, in November of 2010, I shaved the right side of my head. That's right, the whole right side!

It started because I wanted steps. You know, like the shaved lines that get shorter as they go down the side of your head? Yeah, those. Well, I was in beauty school and convinced one of my teachers to shave the side of my head down to almost nothing and then do the steps. It looked great! But then it grew out, as hair does, and I was bored, as women do get with their hair.

SO then I decided, "Wouldn't it be fun to shave cheetah print into my head?!"... I was obviously deranged. The people who did it, yes people, were very nice but they messed. it. up. So I was all upset and talking to another girl who had a mohawk and one thing led to another and we shaved the side of my head.

Ohhh, I miss my dermal.

Let me just tell you, I've never gotten so many compliments on my hair. Ever. I actually had it like this for two months!! The second month, my hair was dark though and I didn't like it as much. Lately, I've been getting so bored with my hair and have missed it this way but LOOK HOW MUCH MY HAIR'S GROWN! I think I'll just color it (dark?) and trim it. It's been so much work growing it out and getting it healthy again.

What do you guys think? Have you ever done anything dramatic or crazy to your own hair?


  1. I did something crazy with my hair! i buzzed it....because it was receding.. :(

    1. It's not too bad I don't think. and it was already short. okay so maybe it wasn't that crazy. but shh.

  2. great post!

  3. I did that cut! Love, megs ;)


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