Thursday, October 18, 2012

Things I Love Thursday

A lot of the blogs I follow, make a Things I Love Thursday post every week and I always have so much fun seeing things other people have found or experienced that week, so I decided I would share some of the things I found this week!
First and foremost, this ring. It's October, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so it fits. Also, Breast Cancer Awareness is very personal to me, given my grandma had it when I was younger. (I also have a pink ribbon tattooed behind my ear.)

Isn't this clock the cutest?!

This clock from WallClocksbyImagine on Etsy

This is the sweetest print! (I'm a Taurus. What're you?)

This astrological print by ParadaCreations on Etsy

This dress is like a disco ball and I'm in love with it. Wouldn't it be perfect for New Year's Eve? I'm on the hunt for the perfect dress for that night. (Too bad this is sold out..)

The lotus flower! GUYS! Seriously! (I love it in brown the most but they're all fabulous.)

These two dreamed up the funniest, most awesome costume I've ever seen. Flo the Progressive girl and Mayhem from the AllState Commercials. HILARIOUS. The headband on him and he's in a pink suv! Best two commericals, hands down.

Check out the rest of the pictures.
What're you gonna dress up like?

Wouldn't this dress be the BEST Christmas party dress? Its like you're a present! (I'd style it differently though.)

Black gift dress by Vivetta
Originally I found this on Emerging Thoughts shop

 Henry and I downloaded Alex Pardee's app! (Alex Pardee is my favorite!)

Henry made this one. Do you like the friend on my head?

Isn't this beautiful?

Originially from

And finally, this new (to me) artist. Richard Pellegrino.

Marty McFly

Zelda & Link
Those are my two favorites! (Willy Wonka's good too!)

Those are some of my favorite things this week, ladies and gents. What're you loving!?


  1. Your blog is so cute <3 And you've inspired me to do one of my own! (I've just been putting it off for so long!) Keep writing, I love reading!


    1. I love you. And I needed to hear that I've inspired someone. Thanks <3


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