Sunday, October 14, 2012

Monkey Cakes, Followed By Brie

No, "monkey cakes" is not a pet name I have for Henry.

We went to his nephew's first birthday today (remember the gift we got in Yellow Springs yesterday?) and his sister had the cutest cupcake cake with, you guessed it, a monkey on it.

I ate some cheese cubes, a cupcake (or two) and watched the Bengals game. They lost.

Later, Brie (my best friend) came over! She gave me some of her clothes she doesn't wear anymore (score!) and I gave her my not-so-old pots and pans and a dresser that we have no room for. All in all, I'd say it was a fair trade. I missed her! Really though, our day was pretty chill.

This is me and the mrs a while back. (Do you like her tough face? Ha!)

Honestly, we did a whole bunch of nothing UNTIL 9!
Guys, do you watch The Walking Dead? Did you see the season premier tonight!? Did you love it?! It might be one of the best stories on tv right now (aside from Dexter). Usually I watch a lot of HGTV or competition reality shows but The Walking Dead is sooo good. Especially the gore. I love some good gore. So naturally, I'm into a good zombie flick (or show). Who isn't lately?

So, what'd you all think of the premier?


  1. that cake is amazing, and you guys are adorable!

  2. The cake I can't take credit for (though I agree!), but thanks for the compliment! I'll be sure to tell Brie.

  3. This blog thing isn't as lame as I thought I would be, and the walking dead is my favorite show ever


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