Sunday, October 14, 2012

Festivals in the Fall (And Football!)

Today was absolutely fantastic in all the fun, fall-y ways!

Henry and I drove an hour and a half North (into Ohio!) to go to a street fair. I know.. it sounds absolutely ridiculous now that I've said it out loud to myself, but you could only truly understand if you've been to this place. It was in Yellow Springs, Ohio and if you've never been I suggest you take a trip immediately.

This is one of the gorgeous buildings in town.

This place is like walking back in time. On any normal day, you can expect to see a number of people walking in the middle of the tiny town, with no shoes. Hardly anyone drives through that part of town. There's yarn bombs on all of the trees. Just in case you feel inspired, there's sidewalk chalk on the benches, outside the cutest little shops. And those shops?! They seriously have most interesting little knick-knacks and handmade goodies inside, like jewelry, hats and mittens, candles, soaps, etc. It is really just the coolest place in the world. Not to mention the most delicious vegan ice cream shop and a bike rental right next to it!

So, if you can imagine all that on a normal day.. imagine everyone who loves those things, plus peace-lovers, street musicians, hippies, crafters, and artists gathering and setting up over 250 little tents set up with tons of fun stuff to do and see and buy. Can you now see why we drove so far for a street fair? It was the most fun thing we've done in so long. Not to mention the weather was GORGEOUS! I love fall more than any other season. Mainly because of the fashion but also because the leaves on the trees are so beautiful. Too bad it doesn't last very long anymore.

This is one of the trees we walked by on our way into the middle of town.

 Beautiful, right!?

One of the booths we stopped at had the coolest prints drawn by an artist named Tony Lewis. His grandma was selling them and for a small illustration? $5! We couldn't pass them up! I wanted to buy all of them but this is the one we decided to get.

We also stopped by a cute little toy store. Its Henry's nephew's birthday tomorrow so we decided to kill two birds with one stone. (Isn't that the most awful saying?) This is his first birthday (!) so we just got him these little foam cars and trucks to play with in the bath. Hopefully he doesn't chew them to bits. The best parts about the toy store were this awesome coloring book we found:

And the bag they put the gift in!

Isn't that the cutest, handmade shopping bag?! I'm tellin' you. This place is seriously eco-friendly and it makes my heart warm.

It took about two hours to go through everything in Yellow Springs. We shopped, pet alpacas(!)...

then waited in line for ice cream, until we got bored & decided against it, and finally walked the mile it took us to get to our car. (We were shoulder to shoulder the entire time we were there, guys. That's how many people were there!) When we got home, we went straight to Bdub's. (Buffalo Wild Wings?) Game day, baby! My beloved, Florida Gators beat Vanderbilt, 31-17! They're on a freakin' role. 6-0!! I love me some college football.

And that's how I'm ending my night. On a fall festival loving, game day winning, high.

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