Friday, October 12, 2012

Round Two. Fight!

This isn't my first rodeo.

About a year ago, I started a blog. I had just gotten engaged, was in the process of looking for an apartment, looking for my dream job (or what I thought was, at the time) and waiting to adopt the sweetest dog in the whole world. I got maybe two weeks in, then absolutely everything fell apart.

Since then I've worked on myself and relationships, and now I'm starting to realize how exciting my life is becoming. I'm  anxious for every day to see what happens and that's why I started this blog. Even if no one reads it, I want somewhere to vent, express myself and ultimately remember all the good things.

So here it is. Attempt #2. Hello world, I'm Ashley.



  1. change is hard but sometime's it's just what we need. we got too ''comfortable'' and didn't realize what we had around us.

  2. Ash, you're one of the most beautiful and talented women that i know. Sometimes change is the most overwhelming thing in the world but i know that whatever life has in store for you you'll be amazing at it. Even if you have to kick some a$$ to get there. Love you girl!!!

    1. You are the sweetest thing. Its been rough but I'm piecing everything back together day by day. Love you lady <3

  3. Cheers to new beginnings!

    Amanda Rose


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