Saturday, December 22, 2012

Winterlicious Tag!

I've been seeing this Youtube tag video all over, lately and I thought it'd be fun to do it here on LLB. But since this is a blog, why not blog it, instead of vlog it. (Ha!) Oh and I tag all of you!

1. What's your favorite winter nail polish?
This Essie polish has been my favorite lately. I'm wearing it on my toes as we speak! (Err.. you know.) It's an army green color, hence the name Armed and Ready. And it's got the tiniest gold fleck to it. It's really pretty, and actually, really on trend.

2. Favorite winter lip product?
This may be a boring choice but Aquaphor has saved me this winter. I have really badly cracked lips normally but this stuff has made them so much better and really soft!
If I had to pick an actual lipstick/gloss though, it would definitely be my new Wet n' Wild lipstick in Plum Fairy. I'm loving dark, vampy lips (just like everyone else)!

3.  Most worn winter clothing piece?
(top left to bottom right: 1, 2, 3, 4)
My boots! If you've been reading my blog for longer than a week or so, you know that I wear these babies to death. They're so comfy and such a perfect color, I just can't say no.

4. Most worn winter accessory?
The ring in this picture. I think it's the first or second time it's made it into an outfit post, but I wear this ring, and my others, like nobody's business, in the colder months. I think rings are much more a winter staple for me than bracelets or necklaces because I don't like to wear bracelets with long sleeves much and necklaces get in the way when you're wearing scarves. I opt for rings so that I can still wear jewelry!

5. Favorite winter scent/candle?
This one was hard because I stick to one or two perfumes and I really only like sweet/fruity candles. I don't like pine or cinnamon candles. Plus, the most recent candle I bought was lemongrass & eucalyptus (aka heaven). BUT I was recently in Yankee Candle and I smelled their new Cherries on Snow one and YUM! I want 50, please.

6. Favorite winter beverage?
Dark hot chocolate! Any brand really. Because of my IC, I can't have milk chocolate so my go to is dark and so far, it hasn't bothered me. Yay! Has anyone tried white hot chocolate? I heard its divine.

7. All time favorite Christmas movie?
This is a tie between Nightmare Before Christmas and Elf. They don't need explanation.

8. Favorite Christmas song?
Santa Baby - Kylie Minogue
Also found on my girl power Christmas playlist!

9. Favorite holiday food/treat?

I don't have a picture for this but my grandma makes AMAZING meatballs at our annual Christmas party (the Saturday before Christmas). That's today!

10. What's your favorite Christmas decoration this year?
I know it's small but our tree is my favorite. We have all my childhood ornaments and some new ones my mom bought us and I just couldn't be happier with it. It's the perfect little tree for our apartment.

11. What's at the top of your Christmas list?
A new flat iron. Specifically a Chi or GHD. I don't know if you guys think either one is better, but I've used both and they both are great. It's the only thing I've pushed for because mine sucks.

12. What are your plans for the holidays this year?
Well today, is my first Christmas of the season. We always go to my dad's mom's, and eat and eat and eat and then play cards and Christmas Bingo. People I never get to see are there so it's a fun time, all around. Christmas Eve we always exchange presents with my mom's mom and my uncle and his family but this year they can't make it so it's just me, my brother, my mom, my grandma and Henry. And that's perfectly fine! Then Christmas morning, Max and I will be waking everyone else up in the house to open presents under the tree (Mom still waits til we're asleep and writes "From Santa on them") and Grandma will come over for breakfast. Later that day, we'll see my dad and that grandma (his mom) again! Whew!

I hope you all do this tag! Let me know if you do.
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